happy birthday noorie ♥

we may not have met enough times ....

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we may not have enough photos together, or of each other ...

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we may have more future plans still cooking up than the plans we've actually made happen ...

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we may have more things to say than what life has let us say to each other ...

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i may have always fallen short of being the friend you deserve...

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but i want you to know that the amount of love i have for you in my heart has only grown—that it can only grow, that i believe there are very very very few miracles in each human's share on this earth, and that meeting you all those years ago was definitely mine. a miracle i will always cherish <3

i hope you know without a shadow of doubt that you are truely, really one of a kind <3
(+ don't ever dare to sell yourself short or i'll personally come over to fight u ok)

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Addendum #1: To Do List

  • watch a sunrise together

  • go to Cyprus !! and meet all the cats there

  • this cave in Malaysia that is half submerged in water but i swear to try not to let us die pinky promise _! PS: pls don't watch The Descent (2005) anywhere near this visit

  • your PhD lab + coffee with all your plant children (dead or alive)

  • i want to make you a flower crown

  • break one (1) window together (i've never done it because i always wanted my first crime 2 be with u <3)

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Addendum #2 :
retirement plans:
u make the cakes & i make the coffee.. our manager is a cat who runs the coffee shop itself, deal?

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